Stephen J. Cummings, PhD
Clinical Psychologist



Psychotherapy is simply conversation designed to help you feel better about your life.

I do cognitive-behavioral-psychodynamic-existential-pragmatic-behavioral therapy with children, adults, and couples.

The goal is to make fantasy a reality, the unconscious elevated to consciousness, correct self-punitive thinking, experience a feeling of being in the moment, and reach some of the goals you have deemed unattainable.

Everyone needs hope. We despair and turn to alcohol, food, shopping, sex, and the infinite screen to fill our void. We think we know what we want: intimacy, confidence, inner peace, and a sense of achievement. We want to matter. We are tortured at times by self doubt implanted by past traumatization.

I offer a safe place to be yourself, to unravel your secrets, fears, shame, and guilt. Masochism is the core of neurosis, so we suffer needless pain. We deserve a better life.

I have had 35 years of post-doctoral experience as a professional psychologist in the Seattle, Washington area.  I practice adult, child, couples and family therapy, specializing in anxiety and depression.  In addition, I can perform a wide variety of psychological evaluations and conduct forensic assessments.  My background also includes considerable work with the developmentally disabled population.